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The Benefits of a Fractional HQ Office
April 26, 2023
Flexday Team

As a leader of an early stage company, finding the right startup office space can be a daunting task. One option to consider is a fractional HQ office or "flex" offices, which allows you to share office space with other companies on different days while still maintaining a professional, dedicated workspace for your team.

Fractional HQ offices offer a range of benefits, including cost savings on rent and utilities, access to shared amenities such as conference rooms and kitchen facilities in a self-contained, full office suite that truly gives privacy for your team to bond together and be themselves. They are also flexible, allowing you to scale up or down as your company grows or changes.

When searching for a fractional HQ office, it's important to look for a space that meets your specific needs. Some important factors to consider include location, size, and the types of amenities offered. Depending on what "office day" necessitates, you might want to have monitors, whiteboards, or even small (but important) things available, like phone/laptop chargers, unlimited coffee/tea, and catered lunch (after all, lunch 'n' learns and townhalls run so much smoother with fully charged team members).

Flexday Suite - Richmond & Spadina is a corner suite in a historic Downtown Toronto building. Equipped with meetings rooms, private office / breakout space, a large open workstation, and a kitchenette.

Most important, you'd want to ask how fast and reliable the WIFI is in your fractional office (ask in MBPS, and if it's via a public, timed login or a private, secure connection in the building). A lot of office managers and team leads might also benefit from a virtual concierge - or an "office AI" that can help detangle acute office space questions and concerns that arise from various team members (although, in our opinion, a knowledgeable human in the locale that can physically help troubleshoot beats an AI robot).

Flexday Suite - Richmond & Spadina large shared workstation with communal seating in a long corner suite can also be used for townhall presentations.

Flexday has a growing number of fractional HQ office suites - in various sq. ft. sizes and that can accommodate 5-200 teams - available in the Downtown Toronto core. Our Flexday Suites are located in prime office locations that are close to parking, transit stations and bike paths. And our complimentary office concierge team is here to help make your HQ office experience for a day (or two) as productive and efficient.

One of two breakout spaces for those more casual morning scrums at Flexday Suite - Richmond & Spadina.

If your early stage company needs an office rental to meet and gather the team for just a day or two in the week, consider a fractional HQ office instead. Contact us.