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Discover Flexday Suites in Toronto

Explore Day Offices In Toronto

These furnished offices allow your team to meet and work together on the days you want. Featuring individual workstations, as well as meeting rooms, your team can get the privacy and ownership of a traditional office suite - without any contract commitments. Book a day office in less than a minute!

The complete fractional office space toolkit you need.

Pay only for the days your team needs a workspace, and balance productivity and flexibility with Flexday workspaces. Enjoy on-demand or recurring use - without membership or maintaining costs.

Coworking Desks

Solo desk or call booth in a coworking location.
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Meeting Rooms & Offices

Get some privacy in a coworking location.
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Fractional HQ Suites

Enjoy utmost privacy in a self-contained suite.
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Short-Term Office Suites

Your team's own office suite for the next year or so.
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Worry-Free Workspaces.

Flexday workspaces come with complimentary office amenities, and more.

Flexday Suites

Say hello to your new flex office.

As close to a traditional office space - without the traditional baggage.
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Private Office

Your office for a day.

Get some much needed focus with the team for the day.
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Meeting Room

Collaborate better.

Meeting spaces to host face-to-face collaborations with purpose.
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Or get a solo desk for a day.

Looking for a solo desk just to get the day’s work done (without someone tapping your shoulder)? Download the Flexday App to book your own workstation for $25/day. Your first day is free!
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