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Victor Restaurant

Victor Restaurant

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Work Near Home

Productivity Oasis

Change of Scenery

Perfect for resetting between meetings on-the-go.

People want to be around people.

Get space to think, meet and make calls.

How Flexday works.

Work near home

Check in

Get to work

You get unlimited access to our  big and growing network.

Get the day's wifi password and invite up to 3 guests per visit.

Enjoy speedy, enterprise-grade Flexday WiFi and unlimited coffee or tea.




We want Flexday to be a springboard to your productivity, so tell us what you loved about the experience or what we need to improve and we'll work to make it better.

Message us through our chat bubble anytime.

The Flexday Guarantee.

Feedback from our members.

"Flexday is a cost effective solution, providing us with the flexible space we need as we grow our company."

"Flexday is an absolute lifesaver.  Highly recommended!

"Great to have access to productive work spaces for either solo work or meetings."


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5 out of 5

Unlimited productivity,

one small price.

Bottomless great coffee and tea 

Speedy, enterprise-grade Flexday WiFi

Power within reach

Up to 3 guests per visit

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No hidden usage charges



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5 out of 5

5 out of 5


© 2018 Flexday International. All rights reserved.


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