Always a seat for you

Flexday offers seamless access to productive workspaces around every corner

Always a seat for you

Find the perfect seat, standup ledge or sofa for your work needs. Most spaces are open from 8-5, Monday to Friday. Check live availability in our mobile app.

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“Flexday is an absolute lifesaver. I am self-employed and always on the go, but needed a space to hunker down and get my work done. An affordable option ...Highly recommend!"

    — Hannah, Entrepreneur

8 Locations and growing

New spaces added monthly.

Equipped for deep work

Our hosted spaces offer power within reach, enterprise-grade wifi and all the coffee, tea and water you'll need to stay focused through the day.

Great for meetings

Invite up to 3 guests per visit and let our host know if there's anything you require to get your best work done with us.

Do your best work

“As a small team, it’s difficult to justify the cost of corporate real estate. Flexday is a cost-effective solution, providing us with the flexible space we need as we grow our company.”

    — Kendrick, Startup Founder

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Unlimited Access

For the cost of your coffee fix, we offer:

  • Unlimited coffee, tea, water
  • Power and enterprise-grade wifi
  • Access to all Flexday locations
  • No-contract monthly billing

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Over 1000 members in Toronto

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Get your first 2 Flexdays on us, without a credit card. 

Your first 2 Flexdays are on us :)

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