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Discover how the no membership fee Flexday Team Plan program can supplement your company's remote or RTO workplace model.

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Flexday Team Plan setup is as easy as 1-2-3.

The WeWork alternative. Access hundreds of top co worker spaces. No monthly fees.

Just pay-as-you-go benefits that you can extend to your team members for any solo desk, meeting room or single office spaces for rent. Keep your office space costs centralized and trackable from your company card - cancel whenever and without the worry.

Add (or remove) members by simply asking our Concierge Team. Activate your company's Flexday Team Plan today, and pay zero membership fees.

Start a Flexday Account.

Create an account through the Flexday App, and add your company credit card in your payment info.

The Flexday Team Plan allows your selected team members to autonomously book spaces on Flexday with an easy centralized billing and payment system - all from your company card and Flexday Account.

There are no monthly commitments, and no membership or cancelation fees - simply pay for the spaces you team uses.

Send your team list.

Send your team's names and emails to our Concierge Team. We'll take care of the rest.

Email or message a .CSV file through the chat bubble, and our Concierge will connect their Flexday accounts to yours. New hires or exits? Simply tell us to add or remove the members anytime through the same channels, and we'll get it done for you.

The Flexday Team Plan is free to maintain for teams of 2 to teams of 200,000 (or more!). Simply pay for the spaces your team uses.

Members get in free!

Your teammates get hooked up when they create their individual accounts from the Flexday App.

We'll automatically send an email to notify your team members how to get started. Their solo desks, meeting rooms and office space bookings will be invoiced and charged to you, so best set your own policy guidance about using this powerful, free flex plan.

As a complimentary workspace tech solution, simply pay for the spaces your team uses.

A team plan that benefits all. (Even your budget.)

Extend workspace freedom to the whole team, and let individuals and teams book their own solo or team spaces on-demand with the Flexday Team Plan. No membership fees - use any workspace in coworking spaces or office towers, and only pay for used spaces.

Company Leaders

  • Gather everyone and build culture 1-3 days a week
  • Book Flexday Suites for the whole team
  • Provide an instant workplace perk to employees

Team Managers

  • Collaborate face-to-face with your unit teams as needed
  • Book meeting rooms for your teams
  • Use our Concierge to book your spaces for you and your team

Team Members

  • Complete deep work on your own time at any coworking location
  • Book coworking desks for solo tasks
  • Gather with other teams members at any coworking location

No monthly fees. No commitments.

Ready to give everyone workspace freedom? Activate your complimentary Flexday plan.
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The only office space toolkit you need.

Book any or a combination of these workspace types, and pay only for the days you need. Enjoy on-demand or recurring use - without membership or maintaining costs.

Coworking Desks

Solo desk or call booth in a coworking location.
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Meeting Rooms & Offices

Get some privacy in a coworking location.
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Fractional HQ Suites

Enjoy utmost privacy in a self-contained suite.
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Short-Term Office Suites

Your team's own office suite for the next year or so.
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How Flexday Helps Early Stage Companies

Scale your office with your business.
Quickly respond to fluctuating market dynamics; scale up or right-size to meet rising opportunities and challenges to the business.
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Reduce your obligaitons.
Minimize overhead and free your balance sheet of tied up capital and long term lease commitments. Pay for an office only on days when your team needs it.
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Lead with real value.
Boost margin, productivity and wellness for your company, and lead sustainably through efficient office utilization with a flex workspace solution.
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Balance between wellness and culture.
Increase retention and offer the right remote package at the team or employee level, while creating space for everyone to vibe together during “office days”.
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Top Flexday Suites

Flexday Suite: Your own flex office for a day (or three).
Vibe with your whole company in your own fully-equipped, private office suite with multiple space configurations.
  • Ideal for 5-50 people (starts 700 sq. ft.)
  • Secure, private podcast-style or full team office suites w/ sub-rooms and spaces
  • Per-Day to Short-Term, No Lease Office Booking
  • Basic Amenities: Wifi, Coffee/Tea, Kitchen Appliances (Microwave, Fridge), Washrooms, Cleaning
  • By Request: Office Supplies, White Board, A/V Equipment, TV, Catering, Extended Hours
Conveniently located near transit stops and parking, in scenic buildings and trendy districts.

Worry-Free Workspaces.

Flexday workspaces come with complimentary office amenities, and more.

Meet some forward-thinking partners

“Flexday has been able to accommodate all of our requests for meeting rooms downtown (including the last-minute ones!) ensuring the locations check all of the boxes - AV, ample space, near parking and public transit. Thanks, Flexday!”
Michelle Edwards-Boldt
Clarity Recruitment
“Flexday has helped my team reserve meeting rooms and private offices, often at the last minute and regardless of where the meeting is taking place, they always provide us with a great space that fits our company’s needs. Flexday has definitely been a great solution bridging the gap between working from home and the traditional office!”
Rock Sfeir
Chief of Staff @ Paper
"Our company has loved Flexday as the solution when our team needs a meeting room for our in-person company meetings. We have used their 4 person rooms all the way up to their larger 20+ seat spaces. Flexday provides a seamless experience from start to finish by suggesting different spaces around Toronto and making sure the small details are taken care of. Flexday lives up to their name and my team is very happy with our experience"
Mai-Liis Veinberg
Director, Finance and Corporate Services at Wydsom
"Flexday definitely lives up to its name, their cancellation policies and abundance of boardroom and office choices range in style, function and prices to mean any budget. The whole process from booking to using their space is seamless and highly recommend them to those that don't need to commit to an office space but need something ad hoc for that high profile board meeting or to just get together as a team."
Jenn McGill
Business Operations Manager at Cinchy
"We have really enjoyed working with Flexday to help us meet our unique office space needs. Their team was great at listening to what we were looking for and presented an array of solutions that met our needs. If you're looking for flexible office space, I would strongly recommend working with them."
Jeremy W
CEO, Greenspace Mental Health

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