Collaborate better with your team.




Run face-to-face weeklies, close deals, or conduct seminar-style sessions and offsites in some of the most beautifully appointed meeting spaces near your team.

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Gather with purpose.

Flexday Meeting Rooms offer hours of focus for your team. Tackle a complex group project, close a highly sensitive deal, or host industry professionals in one of hundreds of purpose-built, private meeting spaces within a fully-staffed, professionally-managed coworking environment. Get everything you need to collaborate purposely with your team.

Your meeting space for an hour (or two)

Hundreds of meeting spaces, available on-demand. Get a meeting room or event space today!


  • Ideal party size
  • No space deposits required

Conference- or classroom-style

  • Variable-Sized Rooms
  • Desk and Chairs
  • Secure Meeting Space
  • Large Windows, Bright Lighting
  • Cleaning

Base Amenities

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Common Areas
  • Public Kitchen, Lunch Rooms
  • Unlimited Coffee, Tea, Light Snacks
  • Public Washroom
  • Guest Reception

Neat Add-ons

  • White Board
  • A/V, TV
  • Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Catering
  • Extended Hours

Collaborate with purpose.

Collaborate with your team around a conference-style desk, and tackle more things face-to-face.
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Learn with purpose.

Host memorable industry seminars in a classroom-style event space.
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Top Meeting Rooms

Conveniently located near transit stops and parking, in scenic buildings and trendy districts.