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Work from anywhere - it's a game-changer.

Working from anywhere is here to stay, and our lives are better for it.
Luckily, there are Flexday offices with meeting rooms that you can book online - and only on days when your team needs them. Join the workspace freedom revolution!

Flexday is changing how people work, starting with where people work.

Flexday is the branded platform for the fractional office category that is modernizing office transactions, enabling workspace freedom for companies, and helping landlords capture new revenue and incubate new tenants.

Flexday offers companies a variety of workspace options for their teams. As modern companies discover various flex workplace models that work for their unique business and people needs, Flexday helps by offering the most flexible use, broadest network of office spaces, meeting rooms, and workstations. 

Flexday offers landlords and property managers a category-first martech solution that instantly positions their properties for the modern office market. With a proprietary self-checkout technology that enables companies to browse, reserve and rent any office space for fractional or on-demand use, or capture their information for lease commitments, Flexday is leading the charge in modernizing and digitizing office space use and leases. 

Join the flex movement, and make your business more competitive through workspace-driven Flexday solutions!


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We bend norms

Work with the largest flex workspace network in Canada.

Over 500 companies. 15,000 Flexday members and counting.
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