⚡Space Spotlight: Flexday Suite - Liberty Market Building
May 17, 2024
Flexday Team

An open-format, configurable office suite that your team can use for big round-tables and community workspace? Perfect.

Professionally-outfitted large tables w/ outlets can be rearranged conference-style or in sectionals depending on your team's specific function that day.

Flexday Suite - Liberty Market Building is a spacious, uniquely outfitted office with soaring high ceilings, large windows and an unmistakebly charming, industrial charm in a downtown west end neighbourhood in Toronto.

Workspace Type: Flexday Suite (Flex Office / Fractional HQ)

Location: 171 East Liberty Street, Toronto

Size: 1,000 sq. ft. (fits up to 24 people)

Rooms: Large open-format workspace area w/ large TV/AV and whiteboards, adjacent breakout space, private kitchen and dining area

Vibe: Spacious & Industrial

The industrial-converted loft feel at Flexday Suite - Liberty Market Building is felt throughout with exposed air ducts and pipes hanging from its original wood-panelled ceiling, original cemented flooring, huge turn-of-the century windows and a loading dock that transported goods in this converted facility.

This is an office that breathes industry and hustle, and perfect for early stage teams that are doing a ton of heads-in brainstorms or hands-on-deck problem solving. The large, professionally-outfitted table can be arranged how the team wants: conference-style or in sectionals, and there are other breakout spaces littered along the space for more casual side-discussions or for relaxation.

There are soft-seating and a dining area by the private kitchenette, tucked on the other end of the suite. The kitchenette is equipped with your team's own fridge, microwave, dishwasher and dining utensils. And feel free to bring your furry babies, the building is pet-friendly!

Flexday Suite - Liberty Market Building is located in a mixed retail building in the downtown west end of Toronto, with tons of restaurants, cafes, bar and shopping in the building complex itself.

Get in touch to inquire more about Flexday Suite - Liberty Market Building, or to directly book this fractional office for the day using your credit card (and in less than 3 minutes).