⚡Space Spotlight: Flexday Suite - King & River
November 9, 2023
Flexday Team

Flexday Suite - King & River, in the Downtown East-end of Toronto, is a massive, fully-furnished HQ-style office space that oozes cool with its pops of contemporary art and inspirational decor.

Workspace Type: Flexday Suite (Flex Office / Fractional HQ)

Location: 573 King Street East, Toronto

Size: 9,000 sq. ft. (fits up to 60 people)

Rooms: Large open workspace area, large townhall meeting space w/ large TV, multiple conference rooms (2), small breakout spaces (6), private offices (5), small meeting rooms (3) and call areas, large kitchen and dining area with skylight.

Vibe: Spacious & Creative

Watch a quick tour here.

The office occupies the full 2nd floor of this low-rise building. The pop art screen-covered elevator opens up to a sprawling workspace, filled with cozy, inviting Scandinavian furniture sets and inspirational word art messages. Flexday Suite King & River boasts of sections of configured spaces, neatly flowing along an open corridor that takes you to a large open workspace area filled with large, solo desks extending to the windows. Breakout spaces with soft-seating accent this workspace pod and invite coworkers to take breaks in between focused tasks.

A perimeter of meeting rooms - two conference-sized rooms, and multiple smaller meeting spaces - come fully equipped with TVs and whiteboards. While on the other side, a string of private offices - with large windows and street views - in various sizes allow for some people to park and work or have 1/1s enclosed. Some have been converted to relaxation or recreation rooms with sofa sets and TV/AV (bring your consoles and just plug 'n' play!). Your BD team will gravitate to multiple purpose-built call rooms built along the perimeter of the suite.

The highlight of the whole space is a large enclosed event space room occupying a full section of the floor plan - with chairs, a meeting table, and a sofa set facing a large TV for more relaxed townhall-style company-wide meetings.

And to cap things off: your team's very own large, fully-equipped kitchenette with cafeteria style seating (with decorative skylight that floods the whole space with natural light) right at the heart of the whole enterprise. A reminder that community and togetherness is the most important ingredient in a high growth venture.

This is a sprawling 9,000 sq. ft. space filled with cool, contemporary design charm, and perfect for a Series A/B team that's looking for an HQ for a day (or week). The WIFI is fast and reliable anywhere in the space, and the building is accessible by car, transit or bike in this charming, historic Corktown neighbourhood in Toronto.

Get in touch to inquire more about Flexday Suite - King & River, or to rent this fractional office for the day.