⚡Space Spotlight: Flexday Suite - 20 Maud Street
May 28, 2023
Flexday Team

This newly launched day office Flexday Suite, in a quiet part of Downtown West Toronto fits up to 20 and faces a relaxing parkette. Fully-furnished with a conference room, a private call room, a breakout space that can double as an extension to a large workspace area, and a private kitchenette.

Workspace Type: Flexday Suite (Flex Office / Fractional HQ)

Location: 20 Maud Street, Toronto

Size: 2,000 sq. ft. (fits 15-20)

Rooms: 1 large open workspace w/ breakaway space extension, 1 conference meeting room, 1 private call room, private kitchenette

Vibe: Bright & Contemporary

Watch a quick tour here.

The large workstation comes equipped with large desks and comfy chairs, and an adjoining section can also be used as a breakout space for some of your teams that might need a corner to just jam ideas or updates around.

Open work area with communal desks allow anyone to sit and work anywhere they want.

A breakaway spot for smaller team meetings - and window views for those needing an extra bit of outdoor inspo while they work.

It's move-in ready for a team to walk in and start using, and has office-ready white boards, office supplies, TV monitors for presentations in the conference room, plus unlimited coffee plus kitchen utensils in its private kitchenette.

Closed-door conference room sits adjacent to another private call room.

Open, private kitchenette complete with kitchen utensils and a dishwasher.

Get in touch to inquire more about Flexday Suite - 20 Maud Street, or to rent this office for the day.