🎉 Open Suite Event: Have a Flexday Workday
September 6, 2023
Flexday Team

We just concluded our "open suite" event where we opened one of our flex office locations in the downtown Toronto core, and welcomed our members to work, hang and experience what a fractional day office space might feel like for their own teams.

It was a wonderful four-week event that allowed us to meet some of our Flexday members, chat with them about their unique workspace needs, extend some of the suite's private rooms to use for virtual meetings, as well as its large conference room for some members that brought their whole team for face-to-face collaborations and planning sessions.

Coffee was flowing at Flexday Suite 154 University, and cubicles buzzed with drop-ins working with their colleagues, cofounders finalizing product plans, individual workers going deep in their work, and whole teams doing weekly updates. Of course, pizza helped to break the ice and we were thrilled to see everyone connecting and exchanging work stories while (quite literally) breaking bread.

Sunny, rainy or cloudy days, this "Flexday Workday" event was proof that yes, there is a need for on-demand space services by early stage teams. We're thrilled to meet this need for companies looking to host once-a-week in-person meetings without locking into a lease commitment, or a shared environment that inspires their workers work more productively, more efficiently, on their own time and space of choosing.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we calibrate and re-open another Flexday Suite very soon. ;)

To see how your company can try a Flexday Suite for FREE, contact our Concierge Team and ask about the free trial promo happening until October 31., 2023.


A gallery peek of Flexday members that dropped by and had a Flexday Workday at Flexday Suite 154 University last August in Toronto. 🤩📷