ONE x ONE: Kane Willmott, CEO of iQ Offices
June 11, 2023
Flexday Team

We're thrilled to shine a light on one of our oldest and closest coworking partners, iQ Offices, and share a partnership project from their CEO and Co-Founder, Kane Willmott.

In this quick convo, Kane covers many things that we at Flexday also observe about the current state of work, including what many teams and workers negotiate on a constant basis: where work gets done. As Kane notes, there is a group of companies that have 'anchored days' at their base camp - simply put, everyone goes to the office on select days. But there are also a category of companies that have left it open for their teams to meet when and where they want, and their employees are choosing to work nearer their homes or en route destinations outside of the urban core.

This is where Flexday comes in. iQ Office members and teams can benefit from working at any Flexday workspace in Canada as a "spoke" network service to their iQ Office office "hub" base. Each employee can have their own complimentary Flexday member account under their Flexday Team Plan, and there are no added monthly costs. Your company simply pays for the desk you use, or the space your team needs. (Ask our Concierge Team how it works to get started.)

More from our buddy, Kane.

About iQ Offices:

iQ Offices is the largest independent Canadian-owned coworking operator offering exceptional workspace solutions for companies of all sizes. Their mission is simple: create environments where your best work can happen, distraction-free. They enable this at all of their locations with safety, privacy, great service, and outstanding design.