Flexday Stories: How We Keep Our Zen At Work (Part 2)
May 21, 2023
Flexday Team

The days get super busy for a startup that's enabling companies' flex office needs.

When we're not scouting new office spaces to add to our coterie of fractional HQ spaces in Canada, we're making sure that each and every team that reserved an office rental for the day is situated properly, and the whole team is enjoying their workspace and amenities.

As a remote-anytime company, we believe that knowledge workers are at their most productive when they are empowered and inspired. Our team keeps a very close online presence when we're in front of our computers - and that can oftentimes mean at home - but we take frequent activity breaks to get a mental breather and remain energized.

Here's a peek at how some of us get through our work days when we're working from home...

Justin on his usual bike trail, passing by creeks and bridges, in the city.

Our Founder (and Chief Team Space Matcher), Justin, breaks the days when the days are great outside.

"For me, the one thing that keeps me mentally strong and in a positive mindset is exercise. I love mountain biking in the Don Valley and grab the opportunity every chance I get. I always feel lighter and I know it contributes to a happier environment for my family and my team at work." There's something to be said about a bike trail adventure to keep one inspired, and Justin knows just where to go to soak in nature and quiet in the city.

This Don Valley creek, stretching North to South corridor in Toronto provides a momentary respite to a great day's bike ride.

Our Head of Sales & Real Estate, Brando, on the other hand, prefers regular walks with his buddy, Zeek. "The big boy keeps me present when we are out enjoying a nice walk or great scenery, and he forces me to have interactions with random people who he brings so much joy which brings me joy!"

Brando and Zeek on a refreshing beach walk.

Meanwhile our Head of Marketing (and Resident Marie Kondo of Projects that Bring Joy), JP, prefers the buzz of of cafes and a mid-day walk in the park.

JP at a local "buzzy" cafe on Yonge Street.

"I need a range of environments to complement the range of things I do. When I need to do creative work, I do my best work in cafes or coworking spaces - essentially, I like feeling the buzz of other humans doing their own thing (on top of great coffee, of course). But when I'm piecing complex mind maps, I prefer walking to nearby parks to allow myself to gaze at some canvas. Finally, when I'm doing mindless things, I can be anywhere - just need a personally curated playlist blasting in my earphone to liven up robotic work."

A walk over to Queen's Park, in Downtown Toronto, to breathe in and stare at greenery.

As we continue to celebrate our Mental Health in the month of May, we hope these stories inspire and allow our Flexday community to be bold, compassionate and authentic (to our human needs), while being industrious doing our work - at home or anywhere that allows us to get things done.

In the future, where we do our best work is where we are constantly inspired to do our best work.

Productivity is the result of the autonomy (and accountability) we place on ourselves: our mantra to a sustainable standard of output. (Spoiler alert: AI is just another tool for productivity, if you know how to use it.)

#Workspacefreedom is just the beginning.