Flexday Stories: How We Keep Our Zen At Work (Part 1)
May 14, 2023
Flexday Team

The days get super busy for a startup that's enabling companies' structured hybrid workspace needs.

When we're not finding new office suites for teams looking for a fractional HQ for the day, we're literally on the phone and laptops coordinating with our coworking office partners ensuring the teams that have reserved their meeting rooms and offsites are at their most productive levels.

As a remote-anytime company, we believe that knowledge workers are at their most productive when they are empowered and inspired. Our team keeps a very close online presence when we're in front of our computers - and that can oftentimes mean at home.

These are how some of us get through the work days when we're working from home...

Amos' coffee and plant station at his home office helps debug buggy tech situations.

Amos, our Head of Engineering (and Supreme Wizard of All Things Tech), is one of the earliest wakers in our team.

After doing daily school drop-offs, he spends a couple of hours in the morning going deep into code and diagnostics and ensures most reservations are captured properly from the day before just as Flexday teams and members are about to walk in their office suite, meeting room or coworking desk reservations.

His personal method of de-stressing from his home office space? "Watering plants and making coffee bring me structure to my day and allow me to reason about work issues away from the computer." As most say, when you're dealing with complex issues like bugs of any sort, it's best to take frequent mental breathers (and turn your attention from bugs to plants).

Brando's home office workspace looks out to his backyard foliage.

Meanwhile, our Head of Sales & Real Estate (and All Sweet Deals), Brando, prefers to "look up" whenever the days get hectic in his home workstation. As the main handler of all office real estate deals and negotiations, Brando's main requirement is a quiet space with a private call area, and so working from home works best for him when he's not driving around visiting prospective office suites and partners.

"Love my work setup in the kitchen looking out and getting tons of sunlight - especially helpful on cold winter days when the sky is blue and the sun is shining." With Spring in full bloom, it's not a bad sight either.

We've got more stories to share as we celebrate different ways to take care of our mental health while working. Meanwhile, have you thought about how you can create your own mental breather in your own workspace?