Flex Team Spotlight: Simpplr
May 9, 2024
Flexday Team

In this series, we shine a spotlight on some forward-thinking teams at Flexday.

We discuss some topics that are relevant to how they approach their work style, how their teams harness productivity within their practices, and the role that flex workspaces play as part of their radical, new approach to building next-generation solutions.

Simpplr is the world’s leading AI-based employee experience program. They are headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in India, Canada and the U.K. To date, Simpplr has:

  • 1000+ customers
  • 2M+ active users
  • 5x industry adoption
  • 95% customer retention

As a fast-growing company, Simpplr was looking for an agile real estate solution to meet their changing needs, and respond to the various needs of their employees. In Canada, Flexday stood out as an option that would: a) let Simpplr remain flexible without any sort of commitment, and b) educate them on what options exist in the world of flexible real estate. The following transcript is an interview between Theodore Surjo, Simpplr’s Director of Engineering and Brando Usher, Flexday’s Head of Sales. 

Can you give me some background on your company and team?

Simpplr is a private communications network that transforms the work experience for all employees – wherever and however they work. Our company has been around since 2014 and we have over 300 employees globally. Our team here in Toronto is made up of approximately 20 people. We have mostly engineers here with our headquarters located in California. We used to have a small, full-time office in Toronto, but ultimately it didn’t make financial sense as many of the team members worked from home. This tasked me with structuring a hybrid workspace solution which ultimately led me to Flexday. 

What workspaces did you use before you discovered Flexday Suites? 

Before Flexday, we tried various workspace and coworking solutions. They were good and met some of our needs, but we always were looking for more privacy and something other than traditional coworking private offices or meeting rooms. Considering the size of our local team (15+ people), we needed something with workstations, collaboration space, and breakout areas for calls and/or smaller meetings. Working from hot-desks at a coworking space doesn’t cut it…

Were there specific providers that you used?

We used Regus, Spaces, and WeWork. They all were great and the team was happy overall, but as mentioned, the product was one-dimensional for us. We couldn’t access their larger team suites by the day so we often were stuck using hot desks and sometimes scattered meeting rooms in different areas of the floor and on different floors. They had great hospitality, but the product wasn’t a fit at the time. 

When you tried these spaces, what was the ideal product you were looking for?

We needed offices that had a wide array of spaces: workstations for heads down work, individual call booths/rooms for private calls, collaboration space for team meetings, and all in a central location in downtown Toronto. When we saw the Flexday Suites video on your website (we found it through a simple Google search), a lightbulb went off and it seemed like the perfect product for us.

How has your Flexday experience been?

Flexday has met our needs and gives us a wide range of features within our office. We have tried a few locations, but now use 154 University Avenue on a regular basis. The space is large, fits our whole team, and is only a 5 minute walk from Union Station. It is much better than the traditional coworking setup that we had - which, by the way, could work extremely well for lots of teams and/or companies - it just didn’t for us. 

It doesn’t make sense for us to rent an office on a full-time basis. We are spending a significant amount of money with Flexday, but our attendance is high. When we had a full-time office, our attendance was just shy of 50% daily. Now,we have over 75% attendance when we rent a space one or two days each week.

Are there features that you would want to see in a future Flexday Suites location?

Overall, the space has almost everything we would need. I would say that some storage space would be great and more monitors could help lots of our team members. I’m sure you hear that a lot. 


Simpplr continues to grow their Toronto team as they constantly refine their cutting-edge tech solutions. If you are interested in learning more about Simpplr, visit their website at