Always an open spot for you


My office is wherever I am. I want workspaces to be as flexible as my work is.

Finding a spot with free caffeine and strong wifi shouldn't be a struggle.

I'm ready to do my best work now.

Always an open spot for you

All of our spaces are exclusively for Flexday members so make yourself at home. Find the perfect seat, standup ledge or sofa for your work needs.

Most spaces are open from 8-5, Monday to Friday. Check live availability in our mobile app.

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“Best spaces to get quiet and heads down work done! Great staff as well :)"

    — Bruce, Regional Sales Director

Spaces throughout Downtown Toronto

Flexday converts beautiful restaurants into workspaces during the day.

Pop out for some solo work, cool your heels between meetings or kill the commute by working near home.

New spaces added monthly.



Equipped for deep work

Our hosted spaces offer power at every seat, enterprise-grade wifi and spaces for phone calls.

Restaurants are off-hours, so there are no food smells or service bustle to worry about.

Enjoy all the coffee, tea and water you'll need to stay focused through the day.


A seamless workspace

Invite up to 3 guests per visit and feel free to bring your own food or drinks to any space. 

Let our host know if there's anything you require to get your best work done with us. 

Do your best work

“Flexday provided a secure, functional and convenient workplace for me — way more productive than I’ve ever been at home!”

    — Clara, Political Risk Consultant

“I love the amazing spaces that Flexday uses - each is unique.”

    — Anabel, Startup Founder

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Membership Pricing


2 Free Flexdays!




Unlimited Flexdays per month



7 Flexdays per month

All Memberships include:

  • Access to all Flexday locations. New locations added monthly.
  • Monthly billing on your month anniversary. Cancel any time.
  • Unlimited usage per Flexday.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, water, power and wifi.
  • Up to 3 guests per visit.
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