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with Flexday

WorkSafe ensures a safe and trusted return to workspaces by holding a consistent standard of mutual care between workspace operators and their guests through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Venue Policy


  • Cleaning products used are COVID-19 approved

  • High-contact surfaces like door handles, backs of chairs, table surfaces, etc are cleaned more several times per day

  • Shared resources like pens, condiment dispensers, etc are removed

  • Self-assessment for staff members at start of shift

  • Mask or face covering use highly recommended by staff through their shift

  • Guests can easily access hand sanitation station

  • Contactless payment is offered

  • Seating arrangement allows for 2m distancing between individuals or groups

Member Policy

Policy applies to guests of members.


  • Check-in on the Flexday app for every visit

  • Wait 2 weeks after international travel

  • Wait 2 weeks after contact with a known infection

  • Wear a mask or nose and mouth covering while on-premise

  • Observe physical distancing of 2m at all times

  • Wash hands often for 20s or longer

  • Avoid gathering in high density places like entrances, kitchen, etc

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the process by which those who may have come in contact with an infected person are contacted to get tested.

In the case of a known infection by staff or guests, please notify Flexday so we can notify anyone that might have been in contact.

Containment (VENUE)

Venue has a process for reporting detected contamination to:

• Public Health

• Staff

• Flexday (to allow contact tracing)

Containment (Member)

Must notify Flexday if found to be infected so that contact tracing and notification can be done.


Workplace PPE Supplier Directory

The Province of Ontario has curated a list of local personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers

Go Fog it

For disinfecting surfaces in your workspace, Go Fog It can be deployed as part of regular cleaning or in emergencies. They use a Health Canada-approved solution that is vetted for use against coronavirus and used by airlines and public transit systems.



Health and Safety Guidance During COVID-19 For Employers of Office SettingsCDC


Businesses and Workplaces

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