Empty seats are the enemy.

Let us show you how to earn new customers in your downtime at no cost, by opening a Flexday co-working space

Flexday is a completely different source of revenue for your business. We help you attract new customers in your downtime by bringing self-employed workers into your space, at no additional cost to you.

Most companies want to help you get more yield out of busy service hours. We want to help you leverage quieter time that costs you money.

Downtime is eating your profits.

Earn more revenue from freelance and remote workers.

1 in 6 people in Toronto are self-employed.
Only 4% of them work in an office.

The rest work from home or from in-between spaces like coffee shops, where they can set down for solo work, take small meetings or make phone calls.

Restaurants make perfect hosts for these workers, because they are dispersed throughout the city, hospitality-centric and offer comfortable, inspiring spaces for a few hours at a time.

If you'd like to welcome more visitors to your venue for free, Flexday is here to help.

"It's good to see that we have 200+ new guests in the last few months that didn't know about us. From what I see, this is a win win for all of us."

Yohannes - The Craft Brasserie

"Flexday has delivered new customers and new revenue on a very consistent basis. The team is great to work with and their members are professional and considerate."

Oliver Geddes - The Fifth

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488 Wellington Street W.

Good For:

Lunch Meetings · Teams · Client Meetings

Space Features:

Lunch Menu · Booth Seating · Patio

Space Type:

Flagship, Elegant · Relaxed · Professional


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"Flexday has become a key marketing program for us. It brings new customers into our establishment on a regular basis. We are excited to build on this early momentum!"

Jamieson Kerr - Broadcloth Hospitality

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304-119 Spadina Ave 

Toronto, Ontario

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